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Advancements in crop protection come fast and furious these days. Ag Enterprise's agronomists work hard to stay on top of the latest in all the new crop protection products. As a result they will scout your field and make an exact prescription of which product or combination of products to use. This method will provide you with the best agronomic return on your investment. Remember cleaner fields produce higher yields.


Agrian is a site used for growers and dealers alike to search specific crop protection product use labels. If a user has a question about as specific product they can enter the name of the product and it will open the registered label for the product. It will show them all of the information such as use rates, which crops it is labeled to be used on, what the correct time of application is. The proper personal protective gear to use as well as any other questions they may have regarding the product they are looking up information on.


For a quarter of a century, CDMS has delivered the most comprehensive market access to critical agro-chemical information and decision support tools for the agricultural, turf & ornamental, and food industries.

Our technologies, data, and information resources facilitate on-demand product distribution, utilization and regulatory compliance, which provide critical information that drive decisions and shape strategies

Almost done for the year. Wanted to thank you guys for helping me through most of it. Sprayed over 2000 miles in 2.5months.

-Martin Greenhaw (Timberline Silvics)

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