Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc. custom built starts with an International-brand chassis and then builds the rest of a truck specifically to the customers' needs. These trucks include the latest technology available. We build trucks that allows an operator to drive from both sides of a cab. They will have a GPS systems that allow drivers to monitor closely where they've been and where they need to go as well as the application records.

Using the latest technologies in liquid pumping, hosing, and metering, the spraying systems are designed to spray at precise distances, allowing the operator to increase or decrease volume as need be. To maximize the investment, the same rig can be set up as a roadside vegetation sprayer or a de-icer applicator.

We've built a number of trucks for the Department of Transportation, as well as others for cities and counties throughout the Northwest.

Almost done for the year. Wanted to thank you guys for helping me through most of it. Sprayed over 2000 miles in 2.5months.

-Martin Greenhaw (Timberline Silvics)

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