2023 Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc. Grower Meeting

Growers Guide Meeting

This year’s annual Grower Meeting and training was attended by 90 of our customers.
There were four manufacture presentations that earned those in attendance one hour of certification per session.
The first presentation was Justin Hoeppner of Precision Laboratories.
He presented, total spray drop management, CPDA adjuvant certification and selection and premium oil versus conventional oil adjuvants.
The second presentation was Beau Blachly of Winfield United.
He presented, fungicide and insecticide treatments on Croplan canola, sunflower and alfalfa.
The third presentation was Travis Frei of Bayer.
He presented, Osprey Extra and Huskie herbicides and understanding Glyphosate formulations and group 29 chemistry.
After the buffet lunch we had a presentation from the Liberty FFA Ag Issues group.
They gave a presentation for and against electric farm equipment. Which as always was done very well.
Thank you Steve Braun for all you do for these kids.
The fourth presentation was Dan Maxfield of Syngenta.
He presented, Talinor broadleaf weed control, Miravis fungicide application in canola and pulse crops,
as well as rotating different modes of action with residual herbicides.
After the presentations, we raffled off the door prizes which earned $1,110.00. I will match that amount and donate it
to the Liberty FFA.
Thanks to all who contributed to this annual event that made it a success.