Panther Airboat Sprayer

One of our aquatic application customers recently added this Panther Air Boat to his fleet for some hard to reach locations. We outfitted it with a custom frame to house a 56-gallon total drain tank under the seats and out of the way. A Diaphragm pump is tucked in neatly next to it for easy control but still out of the way while keeping the weight where it belongs, in the middle. It is outfitted with adjustable boomless nozzles on both sides of the boat and a rear subsurface spray bar with drops that is tucked up behind to clear debris yet still provide a good subsurface spray pattern. The boom and spray bar are controlled by the driver at the main console and pump operation is handled by the deckhand. A Raven CR-7 is used for mapping, and as applied reporting while providing pass by pass guidance for the operator.


Contained Aqautic Applicator

This particular aquatic applicator wanted a self-contained unit that could be used in a variety of boats. This 75-gallon unit is self-contained with a diaphragm style pump. The booms are built off of the skid for easy installation and removal. The booms are breakaway style in case something gets hit or hung up. A Raven CR-7 is used for pass by pass guidance and as applied reporting. The drops are not installed on the booms in this picture as a few of the things we do are proprietary.