Custom Manufacturing


Sprayer Upgrade

With the weather turning the landscapers are getting in to gear. To replace an older unit one of our customers had us design and build an updated replacement unit. With a 300, 150, and 100 gallon tank for multiple products can be applied from the same unit. Two Hypro diaphragm pumps provide higher pressure from the different application guns and one centrifugal pump provides lower pressure/higher volume products. Three electric hose reels, two 300’ and one 200’ allow quick extension and retraction of the handguns. The wiring for the hose reels is run directly to the battery with a 6 gauge heavy duty battery wire and a 50 amp manual reset circuit breaker. All connections are weather proofed for longevity. This sprayer is made for speed and efficiency and will deliver.

Built to Last

This is a new landscape sprayer that we just got done with. The customer came to us because his friend told him that we had built a sprayer for him and that we would do the best work and treat him right. He requested a 200 gallon tank and provided his own Hypro D-30 and electric start Honda. A custom bar was made to have the left and right Hypro boomless nozzles elevated and the center lane at 20” height. A 200’ Reelcraft electric hose reel was put on because no one wants to hand wind that much hose but will give good reach for doing hand gun work. A Raven 203 console was installed on a custom bracket in the cab for total comfortable control. The customer requested some sort of storage for dry products so an expanded steel cage was incorporated to meet that request. Everything that comes out of Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc. is built to last. All of the frame is fully welded square tube, any seams are filled with 3M seam sealant, all electrical connections are weather resistant, and all of our hardware is grade 8 plated. Come by with your ideas and see what we can do for you!

Simple and Powerful Spot Sprayer

This is a simple spot sprayer from Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc. An Ace Rotomold 100 gallon tank holds the product and is moved with an Ace 660 pump and 5.5 HP Honda engine. Nothing fancy on this on just a 200’ hose reel and a Teejet 43 handgun. Mainly to be used for spot spraying but this pump is capable of delivering massive flow with a different hose and nozzle on it. Lightweight to be lifted into the back of a pickup with the integrated grab handles.

2,350 Gallon De-ice/Vegetation Roadside Applicator

Inspection finished and truck was accepted.  Another home run for the parts and fab guys.  We built everything on this  2,350 gallon de-ice/vegetation roadside applicator from the chassis up.   To start off, all the flow is generated by a hydraulic drive Hypro pump.  From there it can be directed through the vegetation system or back to the de-ice manifold through Banjo poly plumbing.  Full spray heads on both sides are controlled through a Raven Viper 4 console with Slingshot for remote data transfer as well as remote technical support.  The main item on the wish list was lockable chemical storage and a Banjo inductor setup.  When filling, the pump forces water through a venture system mounted on the bottom of the chemical load tank and the flow will take the chemical in to the tank.  This eliminates the risk of fall from climbing up to the lid to dump chemical in the top.  The custom in-house switch box is used to aim all the spray heads remotely from the cab.  A tiered de-ice bar on the back allows this double duty vehicle to apply de-icer from 5-50 miles per hour without having to change tips.  This is one vehicle that can find something to do all year long on the roads here in Washington state.

Roadside Sprayer

This is a 500 gallon, dual product roadside sprayer we just finished here at Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc. A very involved build but it turned out very well. All the product handling is done through an Ace 660 pump, 5.5HP Honda, Raven flow controls, and Banjo plumbing parts. A Viper 4+ displays custom information that the operator wishes to keep an eye on in the cab. A custom switchbox has remote stop/start capability to the Honda, will aim the spray heads from inside the cab, and controls the centrifugal agitation pumps for the two injection modules. This vehicle can cover every inch of ground out to about 30’ from the side of the pickup. The injection pumps had mechanical agitation installed as an option the is controlled through the Viper 4+. Banjo dry lock connectors allow the user to fill the injection module tanks from a bulk tank without having to climb up onto the bed and fill through the top.