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Experienced Agronomists. Higher Yields.

The Latest Developments and Education

Ag Enterprise stays abreast on the latest developments in agronomy and chemical development and educates its clients, believing the more you know about your soil and what you’re putting on it, the more successful you will be. We strive to have you get the best use of your land which our experienced agronomists will help you to achieve your goal. We use science, experience and sound agronomic practices to achieve cleaner fields that produce higher yields.

Crop management doesn’t have to be a guessing game, not when you have a team of experienced, well-educated agronomists who can help you take care of your soil, get rid of weeds and pests, and fetch the best possible yields–and profits–from your land.

The Ag Enterprise team and the technologies they employ can make sure you’re putting the right amount of the right kind of fertilizer and pest control on your crops. They test the soils regularly, knowing that the nutrients are ever-changing and the needs of your land evolve over time.

When comes time to harvest, the experts at Ag Enterprise can monitor yield to find out which sections of land are producing the best yield and as importantly, which parcels are underperforming.


Agronomic Crop Management System

The Conservation Soil Program and a number of other government programs require farmers to keep meticulous records in order to qualify for payments and incentives. Ag Enterprise’s staff is experienced and they are able to provide the soil testing and record keeping service for you. We now have a new system that will help you electronically store your documents and the crop data you need to qualify.

Crop Protection Products

Advancements in crop protection come fast and furious these days. Ag Enterprise’s agronomists work hard to stay on top of the latest in all the new crop protection products. As a result they will scout your field and make an exact prescription of which product or combination of products to use. This method will provide you with the best agronomic return on your investment. Remember cleaner fields produce higher yields.

Agrigan | CDMS


Nutrients For Life. In Balance.

The goal of our Foundation is to provide science-based information to help educate people about the benefits of fertilizer.

Our Foundation informs the public of the role of nutrients in both the production of nutritious, abundant food and preservation of healthy green spaces through the development of educational resources and an outreach campaign to people across the country. Plant nutrients, especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are also required to keep our parks, gardens, playgrounds, sports fields and golf courses green and healthy in communities from coast to coast.

Soil Moisture & Protein Monitoring

Precise Science. Bigger Crops.

Spending money on fertilizers and crop-protection products might feel like a necessary evil, but the Ag Enterprise experts help the farmers they serve monitor crop yields to make sure those measures have an effective return on investment.

Through yield monitoring, you’ll see the results of precise science and application in the form of bigger, better crops that generate more money for your farm.

Soil Testing

Our experienced field consultants understand both dry-land and irrigated farming in the Inland Northwest. Ag Enterprise’s experts will take into account your specific agronomic interests and the environment in an effort to maximize the return on your investment. At current price levels it is in your best interest to use only what nutrients that are required to meet your specific needs. It’s not a one size fits all program any longer.

Through yield monitoring, you’ll see the results of precise science and application in the form of bigger, better crops that generate more money for your farm.

GPS & Yield Mapping

As any experienced farmer knows, yields can vary dramatically from section of land to another within the same field or from farm to farm.It’s for this reason that Ag Enterprise’s team of agronomists use global-positioning-system mapping to identify different management zones within a field.

As important as identifying these zones, we use GPS technology as a basis for documenting changes in soil pH, organic matter, and fertility issues.

In addition, areas infested with specific weeds, disease, or insects can be pinpointed so that only those areas are treated. This is a proven method to save time and expenses over treating the whole fields. Remember healthy clean fields produce higher yields.