300 Gallon Golf Course Sprayer

Our first turf project leaving the doors this year is this custom 300 gallon pull behind unit.  To start off a 300 gallon Ace Rotomold elliptical tank was used.  Banjo plumbing handles the product from there going into an Ace GE660-LE centrifugal pump driven by a 5.5 HP Honda rope start engine.  Going back to the product control manifold through durable Kanaflex poly reinforced hose, our custom manifold distributes the product to the SDI 20’ boom.  Raven flow controls do all the work to keep the application on target controlled by the Raven 440 control head.  Controls for the foam marker and for winging the booms up and down were installed on an in house designed bracket to keep all pertinent controls in one spot for operator convenience.  A remote shutdown for the Honda was also wired in in case of emergencies.  There are many extras that were incorporated into this build.  A 5 gallon tank was installed for rinsing the booms out.  A manual drain was put in for full cleanout and tucked up underneath to keep it from snagging and breaking off.  For spot spraying, a Teejet handgun was mounted on the end of a 100’ Reelcraft hand rewind hose reel.  In the event we didn’t get everything just right the boom is adjustable for height as well as the axle can be moved to change the turning radius or the center of gravity.  Large, low-compaction turf tires were mounted on custom offset wheels to keep the damage to the course down.  To keep an eye on things a large liquid filled stainless steel gauge was perched onto the tank band so the operator can glance back to see how things are going.  A very custom, efficient sprayer is ready to go to work.