68 Gallon Sprayer

Here is a 68 gallon low profile UTV sprayer to fit either a John Deere Gator or Polaris Ranger. This is a nice sprayer when capacity and low center of gravity are a concern. The tank does not inhibit rear view of the machine allowing for great visibility when backing up or watching behind. The 68 gallons of capacity allow for extended range compared to most of our other UTV sprayers that are in the 35-56 gallon range. The tank has been mounted sloping forward so that the liquid will move toward the suction point to try and get all the product out. A disadvantage to this configuration is that although the suction is at the very front and drawing off of the bottom, if the suction side is uphill the pump will cavitate and not pump. This particular sprayer has a 5.3 gpm electric pump and our standard handgun/spray bar configuration.