35 Gallon UTV Sprayer

This is a 35 gallon full drain UTV sprayer. The tapered bottom tank allows complete emptying of product even in the hills and draws. This particular sprayer will fit in both a John Deere Gator or Polaris Ranger. The plates on the sides are there so the Polaris Lock-n-Ride can be used to secure the sprayer without having to drill mounting holes in the bed. Also the customer requested fork pockets to be fabricated in so that he can use his bobcat fork attachment to load and unload his sprayer. A 4 gallon per minute pump is used with our basic handgun/spray bar setup. The spray bar has a 5’ center spray pattern and a boomless nozzle on each side. This unit includes a wiring harness and switch to fit into the factory knockouts on the dash for a factory like install.