68 Gallon Low Profile Sprayer

This is a 68 gallon low profile sprayer for a UTV. The low profile tank allows for lower center of gravity and great rear visibility. The 22’ boom has 3 sections to it so the customer doesn’t have to fire up the big sprayer for doing small to medium jobs. Also, a handgun for spot spraying was added for little jobs. A raven weather resistant cruiser was installed for guidance and eliminates the need for a foam marker. Custom wiring and switched integrate into the dash as if they came from the factory that way. The switches turn on the 4.0 gpm shurflo pump and the three solenoid valves. A downside of this configuration is that on a hill with low tank volume the pump may have troubles with suction even though the bottom is canted forward to aid in full drawdown. A 35 or 56 gallon rectangle cone bottom tank is a good remedy for this problem but raises the center of gravity.