Aquatic Applicator

Welcome to Ag Enterprise Supply, boat, bait, tackle, laundry mat, taxidermy, used parts, tux rental and post office.  We can build pretty much anything when it comes to applying products to a target including aquatic application.  We have done several applicator setups for a local company that does aquatic application.  Previously they were smaller units mounted on the actual boat.  However, this one is the largest applicator we have built for them and it is being mounted on a medium sized work barge.  Shuttles of bulk chemical will be loaded onto the barge and then our setup will connect directly to the shuttles eliminating the need for another tank for product.  Two Hypro poly pumps were used because the chemicals be employed wreak havoc on cast iron pumps.  They are driven by 5.5 HP Honda engines through separate manifolds mounted on custom booms.  Weighted drops are used to get the product enough below the water line to work properly.  A custom switchbox was made so that the operator can turn the booms on and off from the driver seat.  The switches were wired to remote shutdown the Honda’s as well.  This entire setup was built in one day in our fabrication shop.  We have been very busy in the shop trying to keep things moving through and this was one of those projects.  A very clean, quick build accomplished by our parts/fabrication team once again.  The customer is going to provide us installed pictures soon.