County Dual 300

This is a new spray unit we just finished from our parts and fabrication division out of our Cheney, WA location.  This was modeled after a previous build we had done many years ago.  They liked the layout and wanted a similar unit with updated electronics.  Two 300 gallon Ace Rotomold pest control operator tanks are used for the main carrier.  Two Raven Sidekick Pro chemical injection modules eliminate the need for tank mixing.  Custom upper and lower remote controlled spray heads were made as the extra nozzles that we normally install on our standard spray heads were not needed.  We made a ladder to get up on the bed to access the air gap fill and custom chemical storage that was mounted between the main tanks.  A Hypro 9213p centrifugal pump is driven by a remote start/stop Honda GX160 5.5 HP gas engine.  To extend run time, an Ace Rotomold high capacity fuel tank was mounted on a custom bracket in place of the normal Honda fuel tank.  Raven flow controls do all the technical work controlled by a new Raven Viper 4 with a CAN switchbox.  Paper work for the application reports is a breeze as this was outfitted with Raven Slingshot remote data transfer.  Real time remote log in support is also available to keep us from having to drive the 200 plus miles in the event of technical difficulties.  The beacons were requested in this project and incorporated into our custom switchbox.  The ergonomic design gives effortless control to the operator to control any function we have built into this application unit.  This was delivered to us as a bare cab and chassis.  Our fabrication shop designed and built the entire unit from scratch.  All the non-Raven cabling was designed and built in house only weatherproof solder-n-seal heat shrink connections and weatherpak waterproof plugs are used.  A very clean build ready for years of trouble free service.