County Spray Retrofit

One of our municipal customers this year wanted to upgrade an existing spray unit we had built many years ago.  A quote was made, order was sent in, and the work began.  We completely removed all of the existing Raven product control and wiring.  A custom bracket was designed and manufactured in our shot to mount the new up to date Viper 4 ,a stand-alone PWM controller to control the hydraulic pump, and new switchbox made to control the actuators on the spray head.  On the chemical injection side of this project, new Raven Sidekick Pro’s were installed.  Two 1-40 oz/min and one 5-200 oz/min pumps were mounted in the same locations as the old ones.  New Hypro 4001XL load/unload/agitation pumps were installed for trouble free bulk product management.  Also, while we had it apart, the rear tail shelf was steam cleaned and painted, this vehicle has been in service since 2007 and we would like to see it continue to do its job.  You can see from the pictures how much cleaner the new wiring is in the cab.