Sand Pro Golf Course Sprayer

A local golf course had this piece of equipment laying around and it was not being used.  They had seen some of our other equipment and wondered if we could build a sprayer for it to get it back to work.  A 25 gallon Ace Rotomold ATV tank was mounted on a custom frame that hooks to the implement attachment  point on the back.  A Shurflo electric diaphragm pump was mounted on the tank and Banjo plumbing routes the flow out the 10’ booms through Teejet nozzle bodies and nozzles.  All the wiring is done in house with weatherproof connections and switches.  This is not our normal product being that it is mounted on equipment we are not familiar with.  However, building custom units for all types of equipment IS our normal line of work.  There are not many companies that can produce such a variety of high quality and functional equipment in one place.