Tree Waterer and Fire Suppression

Word of mouth spreads.  A customer of ours had one of their customers ask for help establishing some trees.  He sent them to us to get some help.  After trailer was purchased it was time for us to do what we do.  We mounted an Ace Rotomold freestanding 325 gallon tank on the trailer.  Custom tank stops and straps were made to keep the tank secured to the trailer.  A 12v electric centrifugal 20 gpm pump was plumbed to the tank and a custom hose hanger was made to keep everything self-contained and secure going down the road.  A simple spray nozzle was installed on the end of a 50’ garden hose.  Power for the pump comes from a battery that was installed in a weather resistant box.  The weatherproof battery/pump wiring was incorporated into the trailer harness so when the trailer is plugged into the vehicle it will charge.  This tank also can be used for fire suppression or hauling water for animals during the summer.