Twin 35 Gallon UTV Sprayer

This is a new design never done before at Ag Enterprise. A twin 35 gallon tank setup in a UTV. Needing more capacity with a small bed area led us to using these two tanks in order to maximize productivity. Other tanks available in the 60-70 gallon range would not fit in this bed. With space constraints like this the dual tank, and horizontally mounted pump fit nicely in this tight little package. Two 3-way valves allow the user to suck and/or return to each or both tanks. A 70 gallon batch to go spot spray summer fallow or two 35 gallon batches to switch between chemicals for a more broad range of ability. This particular customer supplied their own hose reel and spray bar and the rest of the construction was modified to accommodate those items. An LED backlit switch in the cab allows the user to see when the pump is on in all lighting conditions.