WSDOT 2350 Project

Ag Enterprise WSDOT 2350 Project

Our first big project to leave the shop doors of 2018 is this 2,350 gallon de-ice/vegetation roadside applicator.  We built everything from the chassis up.  There were many requests that were met on this build.  To start off, all the flow is generated by a hydraulic drive Hypro pump.  From there it can be directed through the vegetation system or back to the de-ice manifold through Banjo poly plumbing.  Full spray heads on both sides are controlled through a Raven Viper 4 console with Slingshot for remote data transfer as well as remote technical support.  The main item on the wish list was lockable chemical storage and a Banjo inductor setup.  When filling, the pump forces water through a venture system mounted on the bottom of the chemical load tank and the flow will take the chemical in to the tank.  This eliminates the risk of fall from climbing up to the lid to dump chemical in the top.  The custom in-house switch box is used to aim all the spray heads remotely from the cab.  A tiered de-ice bar on the back allows this double duty vehicle to apply de-icer from 5-50 miles per hour without having to change tips.  This is one vehicle that can find something to do all year long on the roads here in Washington state.