3 Section 35 gallon UTV Sprayer

35 gallon UTV sprayer with three sections. Custom in cab switchbox for booms and pump. Heavy duty wiring for 5.3 gpm pump to ensure long operating life.

6500 Gallon Spray Trailer

Spray trailer with 6500 gallons of storage plus 350 gallons of bulk chemical storage. Cutout and tie downs for two 30 gallon drums and big shuttle or pallet of dry. Central mix station inductor and valve location for ease of control and time savings. Customer absolutely loves this setup due to his increased productivity. The […]

68 Gallon Low Profile Sprayer

This is a 68 gallon low profile sprayer for a UTV. The low profile tank allows for lower center of gravity and great rear visibility. The 22’ boom has 3 sections to it so the customer doesn’t have to fire up the big sprayer for doing small to medium jobs. Also, a handgun for spot […]

50 Gallon Pull Behind

This is the most recent project from Ag Enterprise Supply. Customer wanted a 50 gallon pull behind sprayer for grounds maintenance at a local college. A 10′ spray bar and a hand gun with 50′ of high pressure hose is all that is needed to bounce from application to application. A custom wire harness is […]

WSDOT 2350 Project

Ag Enterprise WSDOT 2350 Project

Our first big project to leave the shop doors of 2018 is this 2,350 gallon de-ice/vegetation roadside applicator.  We built everything from the chassis up.  There were many requests that were met on this build.  To start off, all the flow is generated by a hydraulic drive Hypro pump.  From there it can be directed […]

John Deere 1890 Air Cart Wet Kit

This is a wet kit we recently designed built and installed on the model 1890 John Deere tool bar.  The grain tank was already on but we added a liquid/starter tank and plumbing that goes to all the openers through Raven flow controls and custom manifolds.  Another thing that was installed was variable rate product […]

Twin 50’s UTV sprayer

This is a recently fulfilled order coming out of the fabrication shop at Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc.  The customer wanted to have two 50 gallon tanks to carry two different products.  Teejet 3-way valves select which tank is being used along with a big Shurflo 5.3 gallon per minute pump to get things moving.  Draw […]

USDA Kubota

Test plot sprayer for USDA in Pendleton, OR. Customer wanted to spray 12’ or 24’ for different plot widths. One hundred gallon capacity with a 7 gallon small tank for smaller plots that is also used for inducting chemical or rinse into big tank. Five boom sections but not with automatic section control. Customer also […]

Yamaha Rhino UTV Sprayer

Yamaha Rhino UTV Sprayer

This new sprayer from Ag Enterprise Supply is a 50 gallon UTV sprayer that fits in the Yamaha Rhinos. A custom mounted removable console with built in gauge allows the operator to pick which nozzles are on from the cab and increase or decrease pressure all without having to get out of the machine. A […]